The Internet Jazz Community: Bringing Positivity to the World and Practice Room

The internet has drawn the jazz community closer together, bringing opportunities anyone can exploit to get their music heard by the world: making it more difficult in the same process.  For any of us, the breadth of information that we can find from our mentors and teachers offer us an endless supply of material we canContinue reading “The Internet Jazz Community: Bringing Positivity to the World and Practice Room”

Ben Wendel on What We Bring, Composition and Practice

I’m really privileged to be able to bring you the latest addition to the blog: An interview with saxophonist Ben Wendel. Ben is someone who inspires me on a daily basis and a figure in music that I definitely look up to. His latest album, What We Bring available on Motema Music and to buy here is his thirdContinue reading “Ben Wendel on What We Bring, Composition and Practice”

John Coltrane on “Oleo”

This one takes me right back to my first year at music college. I don’t think there would have been a better way to start off that phase of my musical development than four chorus’ of Coltrane on a rhythm changes: even today, there’s a lot of gifts I’ve left unclaimed. For me, studying howContinue reading “John Coltrane on “Oleo””

Sonny Rollins on "St. Thomas"

Today marks sixty years since saxophonist, Sonny Rollins stepped into Van Gelder Studios and recorded arguably some of his most iconic solos: many of which I’m confident most jazz musicians on the planet could sing at least the first chorus of. Saxophone Colossus, was released later in the year by Prestige Records and received criticalContinue reading “Sonny Rollins on "St. Thomas"”

Joe Henderson on "Homestretch"

Ideally, I wanted to coincide the publishing of my first uploaded transcription to commemorate last weeks International Jazz Day; as it’s “crunch time” right now at college, I’ve been a little overextended so here’s a late gift wishing everyone a Happy International Jazz Day – better late than never. I couldn’t think of anything better than aContinue reading “Joe Henderson on "Homestretch"”

An Interview with Olly Chalk: Prometheus

I’m really excited to be able to release the next Jazz Gospel interview and I’m particularly delighted that this one is with fellow student Olly Chalk. Olly has been working on his project Prometheus for the last 12 months which is due to be performed at the Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham this coming ThursdayContinue reading “An Interview with Olly Chalk: Prometheus”

Patrick Cornelius Masterclass – "You’ve got to have a hi-hat in your horn"

It’s been a few weeks since NY alto player, Patrick Cornelius gave a masterclass at the Conservatoire. The masterclass coincided with a gig featuring his music from the album While We’re Still Young which was being released on that day. The masterclass was given in the form of an open workshop so there was aContinue reading “Patrick Cornelius Masterclass – "You’ve got to have a hi-hat in your horn"”

An Interview with Stan Sulzmann

 Over the past week the Birmingham Conservatoire Jazz Department has hosted saxophonist and composer Stan Sulzmann. His visit was primarily to work with the Jazz Orchestra which is something I’ve been lucky to be a part of this semester. There was a concert in the Adrian Boult Hall on Thursday which presented all the materialContinue reading “An Interview with Stan Sulzmann”

Time to start something new..

I’ve been operating under the name of The Jazz Gospel (TJG) for just under a year and a half now and thought it was finally time to come clean and confess my role as its author. My name is Nick Brown, I’m a saxophonist, improviser, composer and newly proclaimed blogger currently in my third yearContinue reading “Time to start something new..”